/trʌk / (say truk)

1. any of various vehicles for carrying goods, etc.
2. a vehicle for carrying freight on a railway; wagon.
3. a motor vehicle with cab (def. 3) and tray or compartment for carrying goods; a lorry.
4. any of various wheeled frames for moving heavy articles, as a barrow with two very low front wheels used to move heavy luggage, etc.
5. a low rectangular frame on which heavy boxes, etc., are moved.
6. Mining a wheeled car of various design used for haulage.
7. a group of two or more pairs of wheels in a frame, for supporting a locomotive body, etc.
8. a small wooden wheel, cylinder, or roller, as on certain old-style gun carriages.
9. a circular or square piece of wood fixed on the head of a mast or the top of a flagstaff, and usually containing small holes for signal halyards.
10. the mounting to which the wheels are affixed and the deck is attached on a skateboard.
verb (t)
11. to transport by a truck or trucks.
12. to put on a truck.
verb (i)
13. to convey articles or goods on a truck.
14. to drive a truck.
15. Colloquial to walk confidently, jauntily, with somewhat exaggerated movement of the shoulders and arms.
phrase Colloquial
16. fall off the back of a truck, (humorous) (a phrase used to suggest that something has been stolen or acquired dishonestly): I suppose your new TV set fell off the back of a truck.
17. keep on truckin', to carry on despite all difficulties.
{backformation from truckle wheel. See truckle2}
/trʌk / (say truk)

1. barter.
2. a bargain or deal.
3. Obsolete the payment of wages in goods, etc., instead of money.
4. miscellaneous articles; odds and ends.
5. Colloquial trash or rubbish.
verb (t)
6. Obsolete to exchange; trade; barter; peddle.
verb (i)
7. Obsolete to exchange commodities; barter; bargain or negotiate.
8. have no truck with, to have no dealings with: *He was a quiet, steady-going sort of farmer, and never would have no truck with us in our flash times. –rolf boldrewood, 1889.
9. truck with, to traffic with; have dealings with: to truck with the devil.
{Middle English truk(i)e, from Old French troquer; origin uncertain}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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